Chiropractic Care and Your Nervous System with a Chiropractor in Denver CO

Your spinal cord is one of the most important areas of your body with regards to your nervous system. If you sustain any kind of injury to the spine, it may drastically affect how you experience feelings. Chances are, you have heard someone say they pinched a nerve before in their back. This is in reference to bones in the back moving out of alignment, which in turn causes the bone to push up against the nerve endings.

This ever so slight push can then cause the nervous system pain receptors to shoot painful signals to the brain. If you currently suffer from pain in your back, it may be due to a similar issue. However, you can correct the problems with the help of a chiropractor.

Fixing Your Alignment

Most pain from your back stems from a poor alignment in the spinal column. Whether due to poor posture, an injury or another reason all together, if the pines within the back begin to push out of place, it can cause a significant amount of pain. This pain comes from both the muscles and nerve endings around the spine.

In order to correct the situation and to make sure you can live a pain free life, it is important to make an appointment with a chiropractor and go in to have your back inspected. With your back looked at, the chiropractor can identify what the possible problem is and then go about correcting the issue. This way, you can stop suffering from the pain in your nervous system that stems from your back.

Whether you suffer from a pinched nerve in the back, sore muscles or it hurts to walk about and perform daily activities, it is essential for you to go in and see a chiropractor. With the help of a chiropractor, you may begin to feel a drastic improvement in your level of back pain. Regardless of the kind of back pain you’re currently suffering from, seeing a chiropractor may be enough to correct the problem.

The Role Of Muscles In Recovering from Back Pain in Denver CO

One of the most common sources of lower back pain is due to muscular weakness and can have an impact on the ability to function on a daily basis. Some of the most common causes of back pain includes muscular and nerve issues, arthritis and degenerative disc disease. Back pain is symptom of  these causes and affects nearly 80 percent of Americans at some point in their lifetime. However, it can be quick to rehabilitate and heal if the proper measures are taken.

The lack of exercise can lead to the weakening of abdominal and back muscles and only worsens as the body ages. Additionally, the weakening of abdominal muscles cause the hip flexor muscles to tighten, causing the curve of the lower back to increase, leading to lower back pain.

The most natural method for healing pain in the lower back is getting regular exercise. Muscles in the back, like other muscles in the body must be regularly exercised in order to maintain tone and strength. Starting a regimen of regular back exercises and physical therapy can increase flexibility and muscle strength which is imperative to maintaining a neutral spine in the optimal position. Strengthening the hip flexors, oblique and extensor muscles will also help to reinforce spinal support, reducing pain in the lower back and even alleviating the need for surgery in most cases.

In addition to exercise, it’s important to stretch on a regular basis, particularly if you sit for long periods of time at a desk. If you are carrying additional weight, this can cause strain on your lower back. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a healthy weight. Because the spine supports the weight of the back, giving it rest with at least 8 hours of sleep is important.

Sufferers of back pain should seek the assistance of a licensed and highly trained health professional who can create a back rehabilitation and exercise program to suit their needs.

The Best Corrective Exercises Post Back Surgery from a Chiropractor in Denver


Spine surgery is a major life event. Recovery is crucial to enable you to get most out of the surgery. Physical therapy and exercise help help you heal faster and more fully following spine surgery as quickly and completely as possible.

A chiropractor in Denver can explain how exercising after surgery helps align and balance your body. After all, if you bought new tires, they wouldn’t last very long without alignment and balancing. Your healing team should include a chiropractor for longer-term alignment of your spine.


Exercise is the main tool you have for recovery after spine surgery. This is how you end fatigue and become active again safely to avoid re-injury. At the end of the day, exercise is crucial in helping the spine heal and it can minimize future back pain.

Chiropractors in Denver develop individual exercise regimes tailored to specific challenges, depending on the type of surgery their patient is recovering from. Chiropractic care hones in on the most beneficial techniques for the spine under varying circumstances. Choosing chiropractic care having your surgery will mean learning new exercises under the supervision of a chiropractor until you are cleared to do them at home to continue your strengthening and healing process.

Many patients wonder how and when they will be able to go back to work or continue certain activities after spinal surgery. Recovery often depends on how diligent you are with the exercises that strengthen the muscles and support the spine during activity.

Education about Exercise following Spine Surgery

With continued chiropractic sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding your role in your own recovery. Your doctor and physical therapist will have laid down the foundations for your continued work with a chiropractor in Denver so that your work gives you the best results you can get. With a little courage and effort, you can get charge of your own healing process and prevent future injury.

Spinal Misalignment and Your Child with a Chiropractor in Denver

Keeping Your Spine Healthy with a Denver CO Chiropractor

Your Denver, CO Chiropractor can help you keep a healthy and fully functional spine. If you are experiencing chronic pain or recurring pain, area physicians can help alleviate the stress and tension. This, of course, is based on the severity of the issue at hand. Before any care plan can be implemented, however, the doctor will conduct a fully bodily examination. This allows him or her to pinpoint the exact areas in distress, while formulating strategic plans to tackle pain and restore mobility.

The spinal column plays a pivotal role in daily mobility and flexibility. In fact, it is what gives us our posture – and features several nerves and bones. With this in mind, only a licensed chiropractor can get to the root of all problems associated with this intricate body part. From scoliosis and compression to nerve endings, they have the tools and experience to combat all forms of pain and discomfort.

Doctors also implement several techniques to restore healthy spines. This includes therapeutic massages, along with adjustments and even acupressure. Acupuncture therapies are especially helpful in reducing nerve pain and distress. This ancient technique utilized medicinal needles that are strategically placed in specific spots across the spine and back. The needles help alleviate nerve tension, which has amassed from bone density issues and obesity.

Sports-related injuries are also primary causes of spinal alignment issues. In fact, injuries can severely impact muscle tissues, along with ligament and tendon tears. Extensive injuries can even cause irreparable harm and damage in some individuals. With this in mind, any spinal pain or distress must be addressed by a chiropractor in the Greater Denver area.

If you are tired of dealing with spinal issues, let an experienced chiropractor help you today. With years of extensive medical experience, chiropractors continue to help countless patients lead healthier and better lives. From weight reduction and stress management to smoking cessation, they also offer a full range of services that are related to chiropractic problems and issues.

Discover How Subluxation Affects You with a Denver Chiropractic Office

Perhaps you have gone to a CO chiropractor in the past and have heard some mention of subluxations. What exactly is a subluxation? It is a partial or incomplete dislocation of your bones in your spine, which means that 1 or more spine vertebra have either moved out of their correct places and have become misaligned. How can this affect your body?
When most people think about spinal issues, they frequently think of back pain, neck pain, and perhaps headaches. A Denver chiropractor can tell you that when both nerves and the spine are involved, patients can feel pain in many parts of the body. If you have experienced a subluxation, or vertebrae that’s shifted out of its correct position, it can affect a nearby nerve and cause irregular nerve impulses between your body and your brain. This interference in communication can cause your body to either malfunction, or not function up to par.
This malfunction can manifest in a reduced range-of-motion, pain, improper functioning of systems and organs, and much more. A CO chiropractor can explain to you that subluxations are responses to stress. If your body is emotionally, physically, or chemically stressed, your muscles may respond by spasming. Tension causes joints to lose their correct motion, and spinal bones can lock up.
Some causes of subluxation are slips and falls, accidents, repetitive motions, bad posture, improper sleeping and improper lifting. They can be caused by alcohol, drugs, pollution, or a poor diet. Emotional triggers can include anger, stress, grief, fear, and many more negative emotions which can both damage your immune system and stress your entire body.
Spinal subluxations can be alleviated by using certain chiropractic adjustments that can change both the motion and the position of spinal bones so they’ll no longer encroach on any adjacent nerves. A Denver CO chiropractor can apply precise and specific force at the correct time in the correct position to encourage misplaced vertebrae to return to their proper positions. He can do this with pelvic blocks, by hand, or with a device that gently adjusts bones into their rightful place.

Learn How To Support Spinal Health with a Denver Chiropractor

If you have been searching for the best that Denver has to offer when it comes to local CO chiropractor offices then you should know how to make the most of the great benefits you get from your chiropractic care. Getting adjusted or re-aligned can do wonders for your spine and the rest of your body but you need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to continue those benefits between your chiropractor sessions and appointments.  There are several things most CO Chiropractor experts recommend the following to their Denver patients:
Be mindful of your posture and how it affects your spine.  Slumping and slouching at the desk or in your chair can strain your neck and back and can also pull the vertebrae of your spine out of alignment.  Sitting with your legs crossed or tucked under you can also strain the muscles of the lower back and lead to spinal issues as well. Keeping your back straight, your shoulders back, and your head at a proper tilt will help keep the spine in proper alignment once the chiropractor re-adjusts your spine.
Be careful at the office!  This is one of the biggest issues office workers have- spending all day at the computer puts a lot of strain on the entire body but especially the neck and back. Leaning over the keyword, holding your head at an odd angle to see the screen, and holding your hands, and arms in an un-natural position for long periods of time will wreak havoc on the spinal system!  Issues such as neck and back pain, arm tightness, numbness, and problems with vision, headaches, and hand pains are very common complaints many CO Chiropractor experts see,
Stretch and move during the day. Taking a stretch break every 15-30 minutes can go a long way in keeping back and neck problems at bay. Stand and stretch, stretch out your back, arms, and legs while sitting in your chair, or go for a quick walk to the bathroom or the watercooler. This simple step can greatly improve your work performance and make back and neck pain, less of an issue. This also holds true for any activity where you sit for longer periods of time.
It is important to take the time to continue good spine care and practices between your appointments and be mindful of your spine each and every day!