Pediatric Headaches

Headaches are among the most common of physical discomfort conditions, being something with which practically everyone has some experience. For adults, these issues can make going about daily activities very difficult, but for children, the problem can be completely unique. This is why a Denver chiropractor has alleviation techniques that can be customized for pediatric needs.

Spinal Misalignment and Your Child with a Chiropractor in Denver

Zeigler Chiropractic in Denver Offers Spinal Checks For Children

For peace of mind, go see this premier chiropractor in Denver CO regarding spinal checks for your child.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Denver, CO – May 1, 2017 – Your chiropractor in Denver CO , Dr. Miaken Zeigler ar Zeigler Chiropractic, can check your child’s spine. It is never to early to begin. Your baby might have a beautiful, healthy spine, but trauma from birth can also cause spinal injury or misalignment. Put your mind at ease and start regular spinal checks as early as possible. Another reason it is important to get regular spinal checks is to detect scoliosis as early as possible.


Each individual’s spine can curve and three percent of us develop some degree of scoliosis. Some curvature is vital for us to move and walk correctly. In any case, 3 individuals out of 100 have scoliosis, a condition that makes the spine to curve too much from side to side.

Nobody knows for certain what triggers the most well-known type of scoliosis, called idiopathic scoliosis. The condition can be inherited, so children with scoliosis may have relatives who have it. Girls are more inclined to have significant curvature than boys.

Scoliosis can occur slowly and may not be noticeable until the early teens, around age 10 and 14 years. Most instances of scoliosis don’t require medical care, and children can usually maintain a normal life after care.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Miaken Zeigler is a second generation chiropractor. She started out her career in environmental engineering with a desire to protect the earth. She is also an avid athlete who utilized chiropractic care prior to becoming a doctor. This diverse background gives Dr. Zeigler a unique background for understanding her patients.

“As a chiropractor, I have two jobs: to adjust and educate. Everyday, I have the opportunity to 1) help people (and their families!) maximize their health through chiropractic care, and 2) educate them on the innate intelligence within themselves! ” -Dr. Miaken Zeigler

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Keeping Your Spine Healthy with a Denver CO Chiropractor

Your Denver, CO Chiropractor can help you keep a healthy and fully functional spine. If you are experiencing chronic pain or recurring pain, area physicians can help alleviate the stress and tension. This, of course, is based on the severity of the issue at hand. Before any care plan can be implemented, however, the doctor will conduct a fully bodily examination. This allows him or her to pinpoint the exact areas in distress, while formulating strategic plans to tackle pain and restore mobility.

The spinal column plays a pivotal role in daily mobility and flexibility. In fact, it is what gives us our posture – and features several nerves and bones. With this in mind, only a licensed chiropractor can get to the root of all problems associated with this intricate body part. From scoliosis and compression to nerve endings, they have the tools and experience to combat all forms of pain and discomfort.

Doctors also implement several techniques to restore healthy spines. This includes therapeutic massages, along with adjustments and even acupressure. Acupuncture therapies are especially helpful in reducing nerve pain and distress. This ancient technique utilized medicinal needles that are strategically placed in specific spots across the spine and back. The needles help alleviate nerve tension, which has amassed from bone density issues and obesity.

Sports-related injuries are also primary causes of spinal alignment issues. In fact, injuries can severely impact muscle tissues, along with ligament and tendon tears. Extensive injuries can even cause irreparable harm and damage in some individuals. With this in mind, any spinal pain or distress must be addressed by a chiropractor in the Greater Denver area.

If you are tired of dealing with spinal issues, let an experienced chiropractor help you today. With years of extensive medical experience, chiropractors continue to help countless patients lead healthier and better lives. From weight reduction and stress management to smoking cessation, they also offer a full range of services that are related to chiropractic problems and issues.

Discover How Subluxation Affects You with a Denver Chiropractic Office

Perhaps you have gone to a CO chiropractor in the past and have heard some mention of subluxations. What exactly is a subluxation? It is a partial or incomplete dislocation of your bones in your spine, which means that 1 or more spine vertebra have either moved out of their correct places and have become misaligned. How can this affect your body?
When most people think about spinal issues, they frequently think of back pain, neck pain, and perhaps headaches. A Denver chiropractor can tell you that when both nerves and the spine are involved, patients can feel pain in many parts of the body. If you have experienced a subluxation, or vertebrae that’s shifted out of its correct position, it can affect a nearby nerve and cause irregular nerve impulses between your body and your brain. This interference in communication can cause your body to either malfunction, or not function up to par.
This malfunction can manifest in a reduced range-of-motion, pain, improper functioning of systems and organs, and much more. A CO chiropractor can explain to you that subluxations are responses to stress. If your body is emotionally, physically, or chemically stressed, your muscles may respond by spasming. Tension causes joints to lose their correct motion, and spinal bones can lock up.
Some causes of subluxation are slips and falls, accidents, repetitive motions, bad posture, improper sleeping and improper lifting. They can be caused by alcohol, drugs, pollution, or a poor diet. Emotional triggers can include anger, stress, grief, fear, and many more negative emotions which can both damage your immune system and stress your entire body.
Spinal subluxations can be alleviated by using certain chiropractic adjustments that can change both the motion and the position of spinal bones so they’ll no longer encroach on any adjacent nerves. A Denver CO chiropractor can apply precise and specific force at the correct time in the correct position to encourage misplaced vertebrae to return to their proper positions. He can do this with pelvic blocks, by hand, or with a device that gently adjusts bones into their rightful place.