Rediscover Your Vitality with a Chiropractor in Denver CO

The discomfort caused by spinal problems slowly erodes your happiness, and it is hard to find enjoyment in life when you deal with constant pain. Since your back first began to hurt, you may have even started to cut back on your favorite activities such as hiking or gardening. Fortunately, you do not have to live life on the sidelines when you work with a chiropractor that understands how to help you regain your vitality.

One of the first things that happen when you visit a chiropractor’s office is an assessment that helps to determine the sources of your pain. In some cases, pain that you feel in your hips or knees originates in the spinal area. You may also be asked a few questions about your current lifestyle and whether or not any of your home care strategies help with your pain.

An exam may also be completed using hands-on methods along with other tools such as x-rays to help find areas in your back that need to be addressed in your care plan. Then, your chiropractor will talk to you about your best options for finding relief from back problems.

Since many people find that changing parts of their lifestyle helps decrease pain, you will also be given options for self-improvement. For instance, you may be asked if you need help with nutritional counseling, or you may be shown how to do special exercises at home that strengthen your back. As you make small changes in your lifestyle, you will find that it begins to affect your overall well-being.

Putting an end to pain and taking the time to take care of yourself results in feeling better all around. Whether you choose to practice weight management or find that special spinal adjustments bring you greater relief, you will find that everything becomes more enjoyable again. From being able to enjoy things such as going for a walk to getting back to work again, working hard to address the sources of your back pain allows you to achieve a greater sense of vitality that impacts every area of your life.


Chiropractic Care as a Preventative Measure with a Chiropractor in Denver, CO

Seeking care for pain and injuries is important, but it is also essential to focus on finding ways to prevent significant damage to your spine early on in life. While many people think of a chiropractor as someone to see when they are hurt, the truth is that it is better to schedule preventative visits as well. This is because many minor problems can be detected early when they can be corrected easier than later when they have become severe.

The first step for any new person visiting the chiropractor is to have a preventative assessment. During this routine procedure, your spinal alignment, overall health and lifestyle will be examined. This assessment may reveal old injuries that you have forgotten, or you may find areas that you can improve upon to reduce the possibility of dealing with long-term pain in your future.

Once your health has been assessed, you will be given recommendations for chiropractic care. These may include nutritional counseling since eating properly is essential for boosting your health with vitamins and minerals that strengthen your body. Proper nutrition also helps to reduce inflammation that leads to pain in the first place. In addition to learning how to eat properly, you may receive other preventative services that improve your back.

When you have mild pain or potential problem areas, massage therapy is another preventative type of chiropractic care that helps ease tension in your muscles and joints. When you are stressed, your body generates tension that places uneven weight across your back. This can cause you to experience pain in your neck and shoulders. Over time, this type of pain tends to get worse. This is why having massage therapy early on is the best way to minimize the detrimental effects of tension on your spine.

Making your spinal health a priority now helps you avoid bigger problems later. Your spine deserves the same type of care that you give the rest of your body so make sure to have it checked out routinely so that you can take action to prevent lingering issues from developing.

Zeigler Chiropractic in Denver Offers Drug Free Headache Relief

Dr. Miakin Zeigler and her talented staff will teach you how to alleviate those
nagging headaches without prescriptions or invasive treatment.

Denver, CO – June 1, 2017 – Dr. Miakin Zeigler and the medical staff at Zeigler Chiropractic in Denver, Colorado will provide you with the medical care you need to put a stop to those nagging headaches. They will teach you to focus on your body and mind. You’re more than a skeleton, brain, and muscles. Your body and your mind are a complex, interconnected system. After a few appointments, you’ll learn ways to eat better, exercise longer, and keep your body in the shape it needs to fight off those annoying headaches.

On your first visit, you’ll complete medical history and insurance forms. You’ll meet with Dr. Zeigler to discuss the reasons for your visit and possible treatment options. The doctor and her staff will examine your spine and determine possible areas of concern. When the doctor is finished, she’ll run a nerve scan to get a sense of the health of your nervous system. After all of this is completed, you and Dr. Zeigler will decide whether chiropractic care is right for you. If it is, you’ll schedule follow-up appointments and
you’ll get started on a wellness plan that may include a diet, exercise program, and at-home stretches.

Zeigler Chiropractic is open four days a week, from Monday through Thursday. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays the office hours are from 8 am to noon and from 2 pm to 6 pm. Tuesday the clinic operates from 2 pm to 6 pm. The office is closed from Friday through Sunday.

Contact Information:
Zeigler Chiropractic
43 W. 11th Ave
Denver, CO 80204

How Tension Headache Sufferers Get Relief with Denver Chiropractor

Tension headaches are synonymous with true pain and discomfort. In fact, sufferers can also experience vision problems, along with confusion and a lack of mental clarity as well. This is due to the nerves –that are impacted –being connected to nearly every part of the head and neck. Unlike regular headaches, tension versions are considered migraines –and can completely encompass the head or simply be a single line of pain up and down the head to face area as well. With years of extensive medical experience, a Denver CO Chiropractor offers immediate relief and solace for tension headache sufferers. Local doctors also perform a range of chiropractic and neurological tests to pinpoint and address the underlying issues of your head pain.

Denver Tension Headache Relief

Tension headaches can stem from a myriad of reasons. This includes excess stress and anxiety, along with high blood pressure due to excess salt or sodium in the diet. Daily tension – especially in fast-paced and challenging jobs – can also result in extensive migraines. While pain-relievers may work temporarily, recurring or chronic episodes can truly make daily errands and chores challenging. If you are one of millions experiencing excruciating head pain, only a licensed and certified chiropractor can help. In fact, area doctors conduct a range of scans, x-rays, fully body physicals, and even digital contrasting to pinpoint the exact reasons for the brain. This may include exterior swelling, swelling in the brain, sinusitis, vision problems, flu, cold, bacteria, viruses, or other causes.

Whether for migraine headaches or bodily pain – secure timely relief by contacting your local Denver chiropractor today. Local doctors are committed to excellence in helping patients combat tension headaches and get their lives back. Area doctors also accept a range of insurance plans, and even offer in-house coverage for patients without insurance. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to get the pain relief and solace you need!

Headache Sufferers Find Relief with Denver Chiropractic Office

There are over 100 different types of headaches, denoted by the symptoms as well as the causes. Here are some of the most common types that are seen by Denver, CO Chiropractors:

  • Tension headaches: Commonly referred to as stress headaches, non-progressive headaches, chronic headaches, or daily headache these are common in adults as well as teens and are the most reported type of headache experienced. They cause a mild to moderate level of pain and will usually throb and come and go. They tend to coincide with stressful events so treating the tension with a good chiropractic massage can be a good way to combat the pain and ache.
  • Migraines: This classification of headache is one that generally comes with a pounding, stabbing, throbbing pain that comes with other side effects too. They may last a few hours or they can last several days or up to a week for some people. They can also happen several times a month. Other symptoms accompanying a migraine include motion sickness, stomach cramps, and sensitivity to noise and light. Migraines are difficult to treat because there are usually several factors at play but good spinal health can help reduce severity and frequency of these debilitating headaches.
  • Cluster headaches: This type of headache is not too common and this is a good thing because this type of headache is considered by those who have suffered from them to be the single most intense and painful headache they have ever experienced. People describe it as a burning or piercing pain behind the eyes, and it can come and go or be constant. Most people pace in pain because it gets so bad. If someone suffering from a cluster headache can get out of bed long enough for someone to get them to the chiropractors’ then a massage or adjustment can help relieve some of the pain and tension.
  • Sinus headaches: This headache is common during times of the years where allergies tend to flare up for people. This headache type usually accompanies sinus flare-ups, infections and other issues associated with allergies and sinusitis. The pain usually is joined by other allergy and sinus symptoms like a runny nose, plugged ears, low grade fever, sore throat and nose, sneezing and coughing, and swelling of face. Many are surprised to find that chiropractic care can also help reduce allergy symptoms, including the annoying and often debilitating pressure of a sinus headache.
  • Mixed headache syndrome: This is another dozy of a headache and it is also called transformed migraines by some people. A condition that is a mix of migraine and tension headaches; affecting both adults and children. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed headaches. They are usually short lived but severity, frequency, and intensity varies greatly form one person to the next. If you suffer from frequent headaches, a visit to your Denver CO Chiropractor may be just what you need to feel better!