Zeigler Chiropractic in Denver Offers Spinal Checks For Children

For peace of mind, go see this premier chiropractor in Denver CO regarding spinal checks for your child.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Denver, CO – May 1, 2017 –

Your chiropractor in Denver CO , Dr. Miaken Zeigler ar Zeigler Chiropractic, can check your child’s spine. It is never to early to begin. Your baby might have a beautiful, healthy spine, but trauma from birth can also cause spinal injury or misalignment. Put your mind at ease and start regular spinal checks as early as possible. Another reason it is important to get regular spinal checks is to detect scoliosis as early as possible.


Each individual’s spine can curve and three percent of us develop some degree of scoliosis. Some curvature is vital for us to move and walk correctly. In any case, 3 individuals out of 100 have scoliosis, a condition that makes the spine to curve too much from side to side.

Nobody knows for certain what triggers the most well-known type of scoliosis, called idiopathic scoliosis. The condition can be inherited, so children with scoliosis may have relatives who have it. Girls are more inclined to have significant curvature than boys.

Scoliosis can occur slowly and may not be noticeable until the early teens, around age 10 and 14 years. Most instances of scoliosis don’t require medical care, and children can usually maintain a normal life after care.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Miaken Zeigler is a second generation chiropractor. She started out her career in environmental engineering with a desire to protect the earth. She is also an avid athlete who utilized chiropractic care prior to becoming a doctor. This diverse background gives Dr. Zeigler a unique background for understanding her patients.

“As a chiropractor, I have two jobs: to adjust and educate. Everyday, I have the opportunity to 1) help people (and their families!) maximize their health through chiropractic care, and 2) educate them on the innate intelligence within themselves! ” -Dr. Miaken Zeigler

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Spinal Misalignment and Your Child with a Chiropractor in Denver

Discover How Subluxation Affects You with a Denver Chiropractic Office

Perhaps you have gone to a CO chiropractor in the past and have heard some mention of subluxations. What exactly is a subluxation? It is a partial or incomplete dislocation of your bones in your spine, which means that 1 or more spine vertebra have either moved out of their correct places and have become misaligned. How can this affect your body?
When most people think about spinal issues, they frequently think of back pain, neck pain, and perhaps headaches. A Denver chiropractor can tell you that when both nerves and the spine are involved, patients can feel pain in many parts of the body. If you have experienced a subluxation, or vertebrae that’s shifted out of its correct position, it can affect a nearby nerve and cause irregular nerve impulses between your body and your brain. This interference in communication can cause your body to either malfunction, or not function up to par.
This malfunction can manifest in a reduced range-of-motion, pain, improper functioning of systems and organs, and much more. A CO chiropractor can explain to you that subluxations are responses to stress. If your body is emotionally, physically, or chemically stressed, your muscles may respond by spasming. Tension causes joints to lose their correct motion, and spinal bones can lock up.
Some causes of subluxation are slips and falls, accidents, repetitive motions, bad posture, improper sleeping and improper lifting. They can be caused by alcohol, drugs, pollution, or a poor diet. Emotional triggers can include anger, stress, grief, fear, and many more negative emotions which can both damage your immune system and stress your entire body.
Spinal subluxations can be alleviated by using certain chiropractic adjustments that can change both the motion and the position of spinal bones so they’ll no longer encroach on any adjacent nerves. A Denver CO chiropractor can apply precise and specific force at the correct time in the correct position to encourage misplaced vertebrae to return to their proper positions. He can do this with pelvic blocks, by hand, or with a device that gently adjusts bones into their rightful place.

Learn How To Support Spinal Health with a Denver Chiropractor

If you have been searching for the best that Denver has to offer when it comes to local CO chiropractor offices then you should know how to make the most of the great benefits you get from your chiropractic care. Getting adjusted or re-aligned can do wonders for your spine and the rest of your body but you need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to continue those benefits between your chiropractor sessions and appointments.  There are several things most CO Chiropractor experts recommend the following to their Denver patients:
Be mindful of your posture and how it affects your spine.  Slumping and slouching at the desk or in your chair can strain your neck and back and can also pull the vertebrae of your spine out of alignment.  Sitting with your legs crossed or tucked under you can also strain the muscles of the lower back and lead to spinal issues as well. Keeping your back straight, your shoulders back, and your head at a proper tilt will help keep the spine in proper alignment once the chiropractor re-adjusts your spine.
Be careful at the office!  This is one of the biggest issues office workers have- spending all day at the computer puts a lot of strain on the entire body but especially the neck and back. Leaning over the keyword, holding your head at an odd angle to see the screen, and holding your hands, and arms in an un-natural position for long periods of time will wreak havoc on the spinal system!  Issues such as neck and back pain, arm tightness, numbness, and problems with vision, headaches, and hand pains are very common complaints many CO Chiropractor experts see,
Stretch and move during the day. Taking a stretch break every 15-30 minutes can go a long way in keeping back and neck problems at bay. Stand and stretch, stretch out your back, arms, and legs while sitting in your chair, or go for a quick walk to the bathroom or the watercooler. This simple step can greatly improve your work performance and make back and neck pain, less of an issue. This also holds true for any activity where you sit for longer periods of time.
It is important to take the time to continue good spine care and practices between your appointments and be mindful of your spine each and every day!

Learn What Causes Subluxation from a Denver CO Chiropractor


Subluxation is a slight misalignment of the vertebrae that can cause a range of problems. From dislocations to upper cervical distress, this common – yet extensive – issue also results in severe immobility across the body. With years of extensive medical experience, your Denver, CO Chiropractor has the tools to help patients alleviate pain and tension. From traditional pain relievers to spinal adjustments, he or she can restore optimal mobility and flexibility within a matter of time.

There are so many problems related to subluxation. This includes spinal pain, along with discomfort and distress in the upper or lower back areas. Chiropractors will conduct full examinations to determine the severity of the issue. This allows them to formulate strategic care plans, which may include weekly rehab sessions and nautical therapies. The latter is especially instrumental in tackling swelling, while restoring proper nerve functions and performance.

Pain remediation also involves intricate therapies that only chiropractors can perform. This includes spinal adjustments, which are designed to align the spinal column back to normal. The process also tackles nerve pain and distress –which stems from obesity, anxiety, and even panic attacks. Remember, there is a direct correlation between back pain and emotional duress. With this in mind, Denver chiropractors also perform neurological tests – along with scans and imaging to pinpoint physiological impairments.

If you are experiencing chronic or recurring pain, do not wait for the problem to get worse. Simply contact any area chiropractor and schedule an appointment. Local physicians are committed to helping you regain mobility and freedom. They also accept a wide array of insurance plans, and even offer convenient in-house coverage and flexible repayment plans for patients.

From subluxation to scoliosis, your local doctor takes the time to explain each problem you are experiencing. He or she also explains all available care options, as well as extended techniques that ensure pain-free lifestyles and normal mobility functions.

Zeigler Chiropractic in Denver, Offers Corrective Exercises For Back Health


Here at Zeigler Chiropractic, we offer an array of exercises that can help you live life with less pain. We will teach you how to do each one and will monitor your workouts for a few sessions and then you are able to do them anytime you want.

Here at Zeigler Chiropractic of Denver CO, we take pride in being seen as the go-to place for our local community when it comes to spinal care and pain relief assistance. We proudly teach our patients how to preserve their health and wellness and how to keep pain at bay by implementing special corrective exercises as part of their daily wellness routine. Many of these corrective exercises are taught in our offices under the guidance of a chiropractor and then patients can continue doing these life-changing exercises in the comfort of their own home once they have mastered the basic technique to ensure they are doing the correctly.

Causes of Pain

The most common reason for pain in the neck and back, but also in other areas of the body such as arms, legs, hands, and feet, is a misalignment of the vertebrae of the spinal column. In addition to skeletal misalignment, pain can also be caused when the muscles and tendons attached to the spine are pulled out of alignment and thus affect other areas of the body as well. Misuse of muscles and tendons of the body- especially those in the neck, back, and arms can cause a great deal of pain. Targeted corrective exercises and stretches can help you maintain proper posture, can strengthen muscles to make them less prone to shifting out of place, and can guard against future injury.

Types of Exercises

Here at Zeigler Chiropractic, we offer an array of exercises that can help you live life with less pain. We will teach you how to do each one and will monitor your workouts for a few sessions and then you are able to do them anytime you want. The benefits are amazing and can be seen and felt almost immediately. So contact our Denver CO chiropractor team today to see how we can help!

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